altWelcome to the North Wales Fishermen’s Co-operative official website, set up and run by commercial fishermen operating in North Wales.

    This site has been created not just for fishermen but for the general public to enable them to get a better understanding of the industry and to give them access to a range of high quality, fresh, locally caught produce direct from the sea.

    On these pages you will find a host of information including which fishermen target which species, with links to where you can buy locally caught fish and shellfish either direct from the boat, in bulk, or processed and ready to eat.

    For the commercial fishermen there is a member’s only section giving up to date information on current projects, with on-going news keeping you informed as to what your Co-operative is doing for you and how the Co-operative is representing you in vital debates which affect your industry.

    This web site is a portal for you to find out when and where Co-operative meetings will be held, for you to vote on aspects of business concerning the fishing industry and the day to day running of your Co-operative, plus a section for you to contact the Co-operative direct so you can receive a response to your queries, questions and concerns quickly!

    Also contained within this site are links to other organisations either involved with or associated to the fishing industry, to enable you to have access to up to date information at the touch of a button. alt

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